Pomeranian in Slovenia

Pomeranian is best dog ever!

Pomeranian dog /dogs are the best dogs in the world (ok, best dogs in the world FOR US…)! and here is a story about them (at the moment we have only 2 of them but we are planning to buy some more 😉 ).
On our page you could fined out more about our pomeranian dogs:
  • character,
  • habits,
  • how do they match with children & with other animals,
  • how difficult / easy is grooming them, … and all from the “first-hand”.
Pomeranians are funny and little bit crazy small “bears”. We will do our best to write and publish in our dog-blog at least one story per month . The new photos of our pomeranian dogs will appear weekly and we promise you that the videos will make you laugh (as our two beautiful Pomeranian dogs make us laugh every single day). 
This page is a memory book from the beginning (from the moment we decided to have Pom dogs at home).
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Zelo sva vesela, da brskate po najini strani :-). Če imate kakršnokoli vprašanje, naju lahko pokličete na telefonsko številko 041 495 875 ali nama pišete s klikom na spodnji gumbek!

Pišite nam!